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(108) Bjorn Rosten
Fri, 3 February 2017 03:01:54 +0000

Justin I will never forget myself as a kindergartener at the dome with my parents seeing your picture on the Jumbotron as you stepped to the plate and asking who is that guy? Ever since that moment you were my favorite twin, favorite baseball player ever, and biggest role model in my life. I grew up watching you tear the cover off the ball in the dome and at target. When you left I knew it was for the best but nonetheless I was heartbroken. Now in this new era of twins baseball under falvey, we could greatly benefit from having a heroic baseball mind as yourself in the clubhouse. I know I speak for all of twins territory when I say please come back to Minnesota. We miss your trademark grin, ridiculous McDonalds commercials and great Minnesota spirit. Please come back!!!!

(107) Shane
Mon, 6 June 2016 19:52:23 +0000

We would love you and NEED you back in Twins Territory...please!

(106) KBauer
Sun, 28 February 2016 11:35:32 +0000

Would love to see you come back to the Twins. Wish you well with whichever team is lucky enough to sign you.

(105) Kaitlyn
Tue, 9 February 2016 01:05:51 +0000

Is Justin retiring?? If not what team is he going to play on?! I wish the Twins never traded him we want him back in MN!!

(104) Horace Rumpole
Wed, 23 December 2015 20:35:15 +0000

Where is Justin going to play? He would be a perfect fit in Pittsburgh!

(103) Maddy Lavalle
Sat, 28 November 2015 04:50:47 +0000

Hello Justin,
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Thanks so much,
Maddy Lavalle

(102) evan
Sat, 31 October 2015 18:49:04 +0000


(101) Peter
Thu, 15 October 2015 16:03:48 +0000

I think the thing to remember here is that Justin Morneau only got a mild concussion- operating word mild. He didn't get brain damaged or anything. I can't see why he would miss so much time for a lil concussion. You can play through concussions.

(100) Fred
Sun, 13 September 2015 12:59:54 +0000

Hi Justin

Great to see you back in action after your injury. You are a class player,and class guy with a lot of talent and you have proved it over the last decade. I have been a fan and followed your career since you join the Twins in 2003. I have battled an concussion for the last year myself from a car accident that I had Sept 2014, and I know how frustrating it can be. We Canadians are proud of how you have handled yourself, throughout your career and I am proud to say to others that you are from Canada. Good luck for the rest of the season and your career!
thanks Fred Punch

(99) phil
Mon, 17 August 2015 22:37:45 +0000

In all fairness to Jean, Morneau and Gardenhire did walk off the field laughing after that John McDonald play. That's not the signal of a concussion player. Morneau obviously didn't suffer a concussion there.